Matthews Metal Management (MMM) is an Australian owned and operated company with five yards operating in a variety of locations in NSW.

MMM is a leading scrap metal and e-waste recycling service provider. MMM specialises in servicing regional NSW. MMM's Head Office is located in Maitland NSW. MMM yards are located in Maitland, Kempsey, Tamworth, Dubbo, and Maclean. MMM has the reach to service NSW.

MMM has the range of equipment, the ability to get product to market, prompt servicing of regional sites and efficient delivery of service. MMM's true speciality is to take resource recovery problems and create suitable and sustainable recycling solutions which can include developing the concept, manufacturing the equipment, provide all the heavy lifting and transport, as well as marketing the recovered resources.

MMM continues to invest in processing equipment and technology to provide quality and efficient servicing to customers.


Drop by

All MMM yards offer door trade to business and the general public.


Competitive Pricing

All MMM yards BUY copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel lead and iron, offering competitive pricing and onsite weighing.

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Free Drop off

All MMM yards offer FREE DROP OFF for scrap steel such as tin, wire, roofing, hot water systems and white goods and electrical waste.


Our Commitment

The MMM team are committed to providing efficient, economical, and environmentally responsible recycling solutions for metal waste.

Our Fleet

MMM operate a fleet of semi-trailers (flat tops and high sided specialty scrap tippers), a side loading car compactor, a mobile light steel compactor, excavators fitted with grabs and magnets and various rigid crane trucks fitted with hanging scales. This equipment is designed for off-site work such as farm clean ups, removal of scrap metal from landfill sites and transfer station and industrial clean ups.

The Mathews Metal Scrap Metal truck

MMM is committed to recycling all forms of metal waste from households and businesses small and large. MMM provides both drop off and pick up services. MMM can provide auto dismantling services, agricultural site clean-ups, small- and large-scale material transport, provision of metal bins and metal bin servicing.