Bulk Collection

A wide range of metals both ferrous and non-ferrous, from a large range of sources, including the public, metal dealers, auto wreckers, demolition firms, farmers and others who generate obsolete metal as well as manufacturers who generate industrial metal.

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We buy

We offer competitive scrap metal pricing for all non-ferrous metal.

we buy aluminum copper brass lead iron stainless steel batteries radiators electric motors cars

We don't buy

As a scrap metal recycler, we don't buy anything that is non-metallic or has low metal content. We do not accept asbestos, chemicals, fire extinguishers, flammable substances, explosives, any vessel containing liquids, mercury, radioactive material or any other hazardous items.

materials that cannot be picked up
Recycling car
delivering scrap metal bins
scrap metal bins
digger and scrap bin
scrap metal truck
digger scrap metal bin
recycled metal
loading scrap metal bins

Free drop off

For scrap steel such as tin, wire, roofing, hot water systems and white goods.